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Sunday, 8 January 2012


Yesterday I popped into the rather busy Chihuly show at the Halycon Gallery on New Bond Street. When I think of Dale Chihuly's work I almost always think first of all of the Chandeliers at the V & A. The V & A of course being the world's premier museum of decorative art, it would only be natural to have a work by Chihuly - who has done so much to bring blown glass to the attention of the art world- in their foyer. To me it looks like an organic organism, that if I were to turn around one of those slender green tentacles might, in true cartoon style, tap a rather bewildered me on the shoulder. 

This feeling of life, light and transparency, is what really struck about the Halcyon exhibition. Many of the sculptures were reminiscent of scenes from a nature documentary on bio-luminescent sea creatures. Whilst others reminded me of some strange fantasy garden that you might come across in a Tim Burton film.

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