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Monday, 13 May 2013

An Austenite

I hate myself for such a cliche but Darcy is the most delicious depressive that one could ever fall for. Is it terrible that my first love was a character written two hundred years ago? Although I believe this makes for more of a meaningful comment on the disagreeable fifteen year olds that I went to school with than myself. Yet I still know the very first sentence of Pride & Prejudice off by heart.

Having just reread Northanger Abbey for the umpteenth time and finding it to have grown that little bit more charming as I have grown that little bit more older, Auntie has so wonderfully reconstructed The Netherfield ball in honour of the P&P bicentennial. I so want to play dress up with them and dance la boulangerie. I am so thoroughly wasted on the C21th.

The documentary was co-presented by Dr Amanda Vickery, whose book The Gentleman's Daughter, I coincidentally have began reading. Nothing like a bit of feminist social history for the dull daily commute to my desk.


  1. Mr Darcy will always have a piece of my heart. <3 Oh if life were only as wonderful as 19th century novels portrays... well unless it's Dickens!

    1. Or it could have gone all Tess of the D'Urbevilles...
      Basically don't be poor!