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Friday, 21 October 2011

Essay season and being rescued by some Darjeeling

'Tis that awful time of year again, like a grouse in hunting season I am being shot at. Unlike last year though they aren't on the economics of communist Hungary but on art, yay! I've spent the last couple of days camped out in the glorious National Art Library. Although I must say they don't appear to have heating,  and my delicate sensibilities couldn't quite handle it. The solution of course was a lovely pot of Darjeeling ( a thing for teacups is necessarily followed by a thing for tea) and a slice of millionaire shortbread in the V & A cafe. I've never been before and I was delighted to see that other than the modern serving area it is decked out in a wonderfully original arts and crafts style. The room I sat in had huge tiles of the four seasons and the months as women on the walls and lovely little blue and white tiles of the women in Greco-Roman myth. A beloved auntie recommended that I try it, and it was indeed very refreshing!

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