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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The National Art Library, The V & A and motivational cake.

This afternoon I trundled along to the good old V & A in order to join the fantastic National Art Library.  How can one be expected to write about aesthetics when surrounded by the unseemliness of my university's concrete corridors? I much prefer a Victorian reading room.

Whilst there I thought I should most probably have another little look at some of the wondrous pieces in its various collections. I am always delighted when museums such as the V & A include contemporary art amongst their older works. Today I was not disappointed. Firstly, over the main entrance is a rather large, wooden construction entitled Timber Wave by AL_A. Then I came to the quite short, compared to shows where there is an entrance fee, but enjoyable nonetheless Power of Making exhibition. My two favourite things I saw today though, were the Textile Field in The Raphael Gallery, which essentially was a giant padded lounger across the majority of the floor space. Any museum which lets me have a lie down without my shoes on, whilst looking at some spectacular cartoons is a very lovely place in my book. Finally I came across a very amusing statue, the 'Bust of Lady Belhaven, 1827' re-imagined with hat by Stephen Jones, 2011. Marvellous!

And to top the afternoon off I stopped off at Fortnums for some motivational cake and went home with a tasty piece of apricot and ginger, wishfully called Apollo's Muse. I hope it was magic cake.

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